31 Dec

Weekly Deals – Dec 31st

When Rebecca moves to a new city, the single mom’s main goal is to make a stable home for her daughter. Now that they’re away from the darkness of their past, she also hopes to explore her longstanding attraction to women.

The moment Mandy spots Rebecca at the gay bar, she wants her. That is, she wants to set her up with a friend. Mandy’s taking a break from dating and plans to play matchmaker instead – but Rebecca is difficult to resist, especially when the sexy stranger enrolls her daughter in the preschool where Mandy teaches.

Can Mandy really set her crush up with someone else? Or will Rebecca convince her they’d be perfect together?

In the summer of 2003, three young women and a teenage girl take a trip to New York City…Only three of them return. 

Paige’s disappearance marks deep incisions in the women’s lives, impacting friendships, relationships and careers. Joy retreats. Paige’s older sister Alice seeks solace in alcohol. Dani vows to leave no stone unturned, feeling guilty and conflicted after seventeen-year-old Paige revealed her crush to her shortly before she vanished.

More than a decade later, Dani uncovers the shocking truth.

When I arrived at Prince Eldran’s estate, I had no memory of who I was or how I’d gotten there, but everything was prepared and waiting for me as though I’d been expected. As I struggled to piece together my past, I met Sorcha, whose memories were as fragmented as mine. We quickly became friends and our connection developed into one that I could only describe as magical. During the Prince’s glittering masquerade ball, I realised that I loved her deeply and I wanted to discover what it meant to share my life with her.

Our love blossomed like the beautiful gardens that surrounded the estate, but something dark was brewing in the realm beyond the mansion. The fae had seemed a peaceable people, but there was much I’d forgotten and war has a way of opening your eyes to the truth. When it reached the shores of Prince Eldran’s enchanted island, Sorcha and I were forced to defend our home and fight for our lives.

We’ve faced so much, but malevolent forces threaten to tear us apart and destroy the life we’ve built together. Only through an unimaginable sacrifice can we hope to survive and help our people… but with so much at stake, can we conquer our enemies and ensure a future for our love? 

24 Dec

Weekly Deals – Dec 24th


To save herself, she will first have to save the world.

In the dying forests of the Weald Wood, Breanna, a young outcast, is simply trying to earn a Hunter’s axe.

When she witnesses the sacred Forest Drake kill her father and destroy her village home, she knows her life is forever altered. But Breanna holds a secret that could be the key to stopping the Ancient Dragon God’s rampage.

The fate of every being in the land now depends on one young woman who can hear the Dragon’s Whisper.

Will she find her courage, or see her world destroyed?

A boxed set of the first four complete, full length mysteries featuring Sheriff Mel Crane and Agent Dana Rossi. You get:
Book 1: Relic – Cases collide for two star crossed ladies of law enforcement!

Book 2: Busy Bees – Romance and Murder Mix in the Latest Story Featuring Sheriff Mel Crane and Special Agent Dana Rossi!

Book 3: Dana’s Dilemma – Elections and Old Loves Combine with Deadly Results.

Book 4: Hitched and Tied – Mel and Dana attempt to bring their growing relationship full circle but family, duty and family duties all conspire to get in the way.

When the stables burn, Addy ends up with a gun in her hand to defend Karen and Alex. She takes the shot that, in the most unusual way, ends the ordeal with Karen’s family. Then when Alejandro begins to race, old fears return. Later, when the local vet enters the scene, she becomes enamored with an old family friend. 

Alex loves JP’s hilarious eccentricities, but he drives Karen over the edge. Disaster and prejudice come to town, and Addy and Karen face them off. Still, in the midst of it all, there is a child to raise, a school to change, and a town to fix. The future and the story belong to Alex.

17 Dec

Weekly Deals – Dec 17th

Twelve years ago, Poppy and Leah vowed to get married if they were both single at thirty. After losing touch, the unlikely pair reconnects just in time to meet the deadline. A lot has happened in twelve years… like both of them coming out of the closet. Now the popular girl marrying the science geek is an actual possibility. The contract was only a joke, though – wasn’t it?

Their love is forbidden in more ways than one…

On the eve of an impending and unwanted betrothal, the lives of two young women in a dangerous and forbidden love affair change forever. A plan to run away and escape the restrictive expectations of their small village goes terribly wrong, and these human lovers are transformed into immortal enemies.

For the next three hundred years, headstrong and bold lycan Veruca must battle with the fact that her once pious and gentle lover, Leda, is now a cruel and unforgiving vampire. As respective leaders in the Great War between lycans and vampires, they must both confront their seemingly immortal feelings for another without betraying their kind.

Can the love they shared as humans withstand hundreds of years and thousands of deaths? Or will their love be a forgotten memory?

Can a first love stand the test of time after two decades?

At age thirty-five, Maggie Wilson has it all—a beautiful fiancée, a successful career, and a loyal group of friends. But when her fiancée breaks off the engagement, she finds herself completely shattered.

Things get even more confusing when she meets a very familiar stranger in a bar: her high school girlfriend, Jena, who she thought she’d never see again.

Jena Halley has zero emotional intimacy in her life. Her string of casual partners can’t fill the void left in her heart by her homophobic parents and the one person she ever truly loved: Maggie.

River Rocks summer camp was where Maggie and Jena met as twelve-year-olds and grew their relationship over their shared summers. But when Jena’s’s parents kicked her out at age eighteen, they lost touch.

When Jena’s company assigns her to a project in Philadelphia, the most she thinks she’ll find is another meaningless hook-up. Instead, she finds Maggie—and a whole lot of questions. The sparks are still there, but after so long, neither woman is who she used to be.

Between Jena’s short-term work contract and Maggie’s fresh break up, neither woman is looking for a relationship, but life doesn’t ask if you’re ready. Now that they have a second chance, there’s only one thing left to decide: are they brave enough to try again?

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10 Dec

Weekly Deals – Dec 10th

In the spirit of the holiday season, we have a special freebie for you!

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Fawn Ferris had always been a go with the flow kind of woman.

When she caught her longtime boyfriend cheating on her, she thanked him and hit the road to finally take charge of her own life. The holidays were definitely going to be different this year, but spending her life alone had to be better than living someone else’s dream.

She decided to seize the new opportunity and become a full time jewelry designer, but instead she ended up with a paid internship with Hannah Turner, and the moment they met, she knew she was in for the education of lifetime.

Hannah was young, hot, and had the whole city at her fingertips. Known for being a savvy business owner and a compulsive player, something about her had Fawn intrigued from the day they met.

Something about Hannah made her ever so curious. She’d never felt this way about a woman before, but then again, she’d never felt this way about anyone before.

Is it just the holiday feeling in the air or will their romance survive into the new year? Sure Hannah left Fawn a changed woman, but did Fawn have what it takes to help Hannah change her ways and learn to be loved for who she was?

03 Dec

Weekly Deals – Dec 3rd

Two rival lesbian paranormal investigators. A dangerous cursed entity. Long dark nights in the old woods.

Maya Nicholas doesn’t need any help finding ghosts. They find her and talk to her all the time.

Julie Sussman doesn’t need any help either. She solves plenty of cases, both normal and paranormal, without any special abilities.

When they learn that both of them have been hired to find a teenager, lost decades ago in the haunted Promontory Woods, they are not happy. But when they find the teenager’s ghost and discover that she, along with many other spirits, are being held captive by an evil entity, they have to work together.

Or they, along with many others, will never leave the woods again.

Josie doesn’t want to spend yet another Christmas as the only single adult at the family dinner. So, instead, she books a week long holiday to her favourite island. Ready to spend it doing what she loves doing most, long walks on the beach with her dog and reading novels in front of a fire.

What she hasn’t counted on is running into her old summer fling, the one girl she could never forget.
Sanne is freshly heartbroken, and instead of having to deal with her parents’ pitying looks over Christmas dinner, she decides to still go on the winter holiday she’d booked, even if it means going on her own. She can entertain herself well enough, and maybe some fresh air will clear her head of all the darkness from the last months.

But when she sees Josie at the cafe, she can’t help how her heart beats faster or how much she wants the other woman to hold her.

What starts as a shared meal at a cafe, followed by the first snow of the season, could turn into much more.

They lost their chance of being together when they spent the summers on the island as teens, but can they take it now that they’re adults?

Can they take the chance amid knee-high snow and Christmas decorations?