25 Feb

Weekly Deals – Feb 25th

Georgiana—Georgie to everyone outside her family—figured out long ago that being in love with your straight best friend sucks. Turns out it’s even worse when that friend, Madelyn, tells you she’s not so straight after all. After it becomes clear to Georgie that she needs to get over Madelyn, Georgie moves cities and starts a new job.

To grad student Madelyn, though, the sudden rift between the friends prompts painful introspection. A year later, she realizes her feelings for Georgie are romantic after all. Madelyn plans to use their annual winter cabin getaway to confess her love.

But Canadian winters are unpredictable. When Madelyn and Georgie are snowed into their cabin in the woods, the two are forced into difficult conversations that confront deeply felt emotions about the past, present, and future. Can the friends find common ground after all they’ve been through?

Kara moves to her favourite island following the job offer of a lifetime, become a teacher at the only primary school the island has. It’s like a dream come true, live on the island, go on long walks with her dog Tys and teach, all in one neat package. But when she spots the beautiful woman at the local book store, things might get a bit more complicated.

Taking care of her mum’s store for a few months is exactly what Lin needs. A couple of months away from her old life and to become a face in the crowd at one of the island’s stores. Speaking fluently in three languages may not be her best skill, but keeping track of inventory and doing stock is definitely right up her street.

Her first week at the store has almost come to an uneventful ending, until a stunning woman walks into the store and smiles her way.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and when Kara comes in for crafting supplies to make cards with her class, Lin makes a bold offer. How hard can it be to spend an afternoon making cards with a group of kids when she has no experience with teaching or making cards? There’s no way Kara will find out, right?

Samantha is a bespectacled, crazy-haired electronics engineer with a curiosity-driven crush on her best friend Nina. Nina is a shy, masochistic kinkster, with fantasies and interests she wouldn’t dream of divulging to anyone. When Nina tells Samantha that her biggest erogenous zones are her adrenal glands, Samantha very quickly starts figuring out how to make them squirt.

18 Feb

Weekly Deals – Feb 18th

Samantha found the love of her life – and lost her. Widowed for ten years, she never plans to date again. When her teen daughter babysits a neighborhood boy, Samantha and Joy bond over being single mothers. Their friendship deepens, and their feelings for each other grow. Could the two moms end up starting a new family?

She’s the rebound chick. The local hot mess party girl. Perfectly content with a life of one night stands, the only thing Sloane is capable of committing to is running her family’s restaurant. With her parents on the verge of retirement, she’s got her eyes on the prize. Nothing is going to get in between Sloane and the inheritance she’s sacrificed her whole life for.

Being a skilled pastry chef in a small town isn’t working out so well for Chloe. Her boss at the local grocery store bakery is a junior in high school and the man who convinced her to move here and start a new life with him is turning out to be anything but the man of her dreams. She’s forced to face the reality that maybe there is no such thing as a ‘man of her dreams,’ and after a little soul searching, realizes that she’s been living a lie.

Can the charismatic and confident Sloane really be her true love, or is she just another temporary fix for the mess she’s made of her life? 
Is it possible for Sloane to have the career she was destined for and the woman of her dreams? She’ll have to learn to compromise in ways she’s never been willing to in the past, but something about that sweet and sassy pastry chef makes her think that maybe she can have her cake and eat it too.

When Tess meets successful tech entrepreneur Cecelia, she has no idea what fate has in store for her. The omega wolf shifter recognizes her fated mate—but can she learn to trust after the past she ran away from? 

Cecelia is haunted by the specter of her broken engagement, with an ex-fiancée who stalker and threatened her. After burying herself in her work, she’s achieved success. But is she ready to be with the mate she is fated for?

Both women must work to develop the intimacy needed for a successful relationship. Just because they’re fated mates doesn’t mean it comes easily.

11 Feb

Weekly Deals – Feb 11th

In 1998, introverted Cameron Warren is focused on being a model Marine and surviving the social isolation of the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. Navigating the policy and finding allies is harder than she expected, but she’s determined to complete her enlistment period and return to college.

Meanwhile, gregarious military kid Sharon Rodriguez knows connections are critical to navigate the unspoken rules of the Marine Corps. She’s confident in her ability to enjoy the casual flings she’s accustomed to, while pursuing the 20 year career she desires.

When Sharon convinces Cam to attend a party with her, neither realizes their lives are about to become more complicated than they planned for. How hard will they need to fight for a love that must remain in the shadows?


Penny can’t believe what happened to her: One day she’s studying sociology and paying her tuition with her job at a local café, the next she wakes up in a luxurious house which is the property of a rich and enigmatic woman. Carter Forbes is ready to lay the world at her feet, but what will she expect in return? As she uncovers Carter’s reasons to create this unusual situation, Penny can’t deny the attraction between them. Can she reconcile her desire with her beliefs about herself, or is this passionate affair doomed from the start?

Ivy Chan has always known her destiny.

She would be the best neurosurgeon in the state, or maybe the country. Better even than her father, whose shadow she’s eager to escape.

Ivy has always been a student above all. Friendships, hobbies and romance come second… or more often, not at all. She’s in the home stretch now, the final year of medical school, and her surgical residency is within reach.

All Ivy needs to do is stay the course.

Which would be a hell of a lot easier if she hadn’t had the misfortune of falling in love with her study partner.

04 Feb

Weekly Deals – Feb 4th

Eva Williams wants to save the world. So when she returns from sabbatical in Guatamala to find that the Oakview Nature Reserve is under threat she steels herself for a fight to the death to save it.

Grace Seymour is a woman in a man’s world. Anxious to take her father’s place as CEO of Seymour Construction all she needs to do is seal the Oakview Reserve project and she’ll achieve everything she’s ever wanted.

But as tensions on campus begin to rise, Eva and Grace find that their long-held ambitions are paling in comparison to the sparks that are flying between them. Sleeping with the enemy is on neither’s agenda, but some things are just inevitable…

Opposites might attract, but can they really build a relationship? And as time ticks down to the destruction of the nature reserve, who is willing to sacrifice their ambitions for love?

Kate Warner has never had time to think about love — at least not the romantic kind. Her focus, for the past fourteen years, has been on making sure her daughter Dana has everything she needs. After losing her own mother at an early age, Kate vowed never to let her daughter feel that kind of loneliness — even if that means missing out on the love Kate truly desires.

Joy Sizemore has been living the dream. As one of the top professional softball players in the world, her life is filled with great times on the field, exotic travel, and more than her fair share of post-game fun. But all of that changes when she suffers what might be a career ending injury.

Forced to return home to her parent’s house to recover, Joy tries to forget her sorrows in the bottom of a bottle — with nearly tragic consequences.

When Kate and Joy’s lives unexpectedly collide they both have to decide whether they’ll give up on the game of love or stay on the field and try Playing For Keeps.

Joanna’s career ends after she kills a murderer and fails to cover her tracks. After serving a prison sentence, she struggles to pick up the pieces. The only person from her old life still keeping in touch is Vanessa, the Internal Affairs Inspector who was the lead investigator in Joanna’s case. Guilt and open questions define their tentative friendship.

When there’s a new development in one of Joanna’s old cases, she can’t stay away, even at the cost of losing everything…including Rue, the woman she’s been falling for…

Enough is enough…