19 Aug

Weekly Deals – August 19th

The little details have never interested Libby. From her eclectic style to her carefree attitude about her adult toy shop, she’s all about the big picture. But when her business partner retires, Libby’s safety net disappears and it’s up to her to sink or swim.

For old-school card game nerd Theo, the details are everything. Her anxiety demands to know the rules, the players and the goal in any situation, and it can be hard to even leave her apartment unless she knows exactly what’s coming her way.

When Theo’s sister gets engaged, she’s forced out of her comfort zone and into Libby’s shop on the hunt for bachelorette party supplies. 

Opposites attract and Theo is drawn into Libby’s chaotic world. She wants to help Libby save the shop and together they come up with a plan, but will they be brave enough to play the game of love?

Twenty-seven-year-old Erica is happy with her uncomplicated life: she works in her aunt’s floral shop, she bakes in her free time, and she cherishes her small group of friends. Sure, she’s single, but Erica’s fine with it. As far as she’s concerned, not everybody gets a great love.

Then one day she delivers flowers to her aunt’s newest client, Catherine, a forty-year-old bridal shop owner, and Erica finds herself drawn to her. While the attraction initially catches her off guard—she’s never desired a woman before—she soon realizes that her crush is the real deal.

And Erica isn’t the only one experiencing sparks. Catherine feels them, too. But between their age difference, the need to remain professional, and both of their past experiences with love, both women are hesitant to make a move. Soon, however, it becomes obvious that they need to stop holding back and let their love bloom.

Katrina Brooks is a gifted photographer and an excellent roller derby referee. When she’s wearing her stripes, she’s focused and professional—and she rarely misses a call. Problem is, Kat’s got her eye on a “Mouse” who has a knack for getting into trouble.

Dorothy Mauser (Dot) is a trash-picking junk artist with a big heart but a volatile temper. She’s also the most penalty-heavy skater in Crosscannon Roller Derby. Far from realizing our ref has a thing for her, Dot thinks Kat has it in for her.

As Kat prepares her work for display at Crosscannon Pridefest, Dot gets a chance to see her true colors. A tentative collaboration between these two artists quickly reveals a mutual attraction. But with playoffs on the horizon, their newfound connection may not survive their on-the-track tension—or the deeper insecurities it brings to light. Can Kat and Mouse overcome the instincts driving them apart? Or, for them, is animosity just the nature of the game?

12 Aug

Weekly Deals – August 12th

Phoenix Murray has had enough. Enough of her incompetent boss. Enough of her addict father always asking for money. Enough of the struggle to survive. So when her aunt offers her a job as a cook at the South Pole, she jumps at it. Even when she’s asked to avoid casual sex to keep the peace in the tiny community.

Astrophysicist Ashley Bennett can’t wait for her year at the South Pole. Not only will it allow her to focus on her PhD research, it’s a key step in her plan to become a Mars colonist. Avoiding the complications of dating in a society that doesn’t understand asexuality is a bonus.

When Phoenix and Ash meet, they can’t help but push each other’s buttons. Phoenix doesn’t understand that her confident sexuality puts Ash on edge while Ash’s curt formality triggers Phoenix’s insecurities about her upbringing. But living at the bottom of the world means there’s nowhere to run, and as they find common ground, their differences aren’t nearly the hindrance they thought.

Erin Akers has always been the earthy, woo-woo type, and now she works at the local new age shop in a quaint resort town on the Florida coast. She moved to Santina with dreams of being a creative entrepreneur, but it’s been over a year since she arrived and she’s still no closer to her goal. When inspiration finally strikes, she is desperate to find a way to get her unique product off the ground. 

After her careless behavior got her in trouble with the law, Kimmy Jenkins has been trying to put the past behind her and start adulting. It’s not easy when everyone she grew up with in Santina is doing just the opposite. Kimmy knows she needs to apply herself towards her dream career of being a chef, and that means leaving her idyllic hometown. That would be much easier to do if Kimmy hadn’t just met the girl of her dreams…

When Erin and Kimmy meet, an instant magnetism is felt- but sometimes in life, two people just aren’t in the same place at the same time. Is there any way that both Erin and Kimmy can ever grow into who they want to be together?

Stuck in a cabin alone for three months, Claudia and Miriam compete to win a cash prize. The reality show only has one rule: they can’t fall in love. Claudia can barely stand the arrogant supermodel, and Miriam only wants to seduce the annoying bookworm. Will these bachelorettes hate each other by the end of the filming? Or will they end up breaking all the rules?

05 Aug

Weekly Deals – August 5th

Frank Raines knows exactly what she wants from life: a wife, children, and a house with a lawn. And when her boss, Laura Bancroft, leaves her a half-share in not just the art gallery she works at but also a house, Frank thinks that everything’s going to plan. All she needs now is to find a wife.

Hannah Layton hates Oakview at first sight. The only reason she’s taken time out of her busy schedule in New York is to check out the legacy that her Aunt Laura has left her. And when she finds out that she’s going to have to share, she’s far from pleased.

They say opposites attract, but there has to be a limit. Foster child Frank can’t think of anything better than family. Disowned for her sexuality, Hannah can’t think of anything worse than family. But when big city woman and small town girl meet, sparks start to fly. Apparently, someone forgot to tell Cupid that potential partners should have at least one thing in common…

It just can’t work. Ever. But the more Frank and Hannah try to deny their attraction, the worse things get. Everyone wants perfection, but life just doesn’t work that way…

Robyn Fitzwarren, daughter to the Baron of Loxley, only wants to support her mother while her father is off on Crusade.

But when she enters an archery tournament in disguise, she incurs the wrath of the Sheriff of Nottingham’s arrogant nephew, Theo. Now, not only is her own life threatened but the lives of her family as well.

Will she flee from danger? 

Or fulfill her destiny, stand up to injustice, and become the fabled outlaw of legend: Robyn Hood?

A collection of lesbian romances, beginning with how Debbie and Mo seemed destined for each other after meeting at a slumber party when Debbie was just a girl. Years later their love evolves into something special with Belle being the result as well as the apple of their eyes, but Belle has another gift, other than making her mothers’ lives complete.
Belle has a love for music and it becomes her life until she allows Ami’s love to influence her and nurture her talents to grow. A chance meeting with a total stranger adds a new depth to her own enjoyment of her music as an unexpected connection becomes evident. But it’s not all plain sailing as she collapses after a charity performance, suffering from leukaemia. It’s touch-and-go for a while, but thanks to those around her she recovers and devotes her life to helping others, repaying her gift for music.

Best Friends has a few twists and turns, amid the red-hot sex before Paige and Lucy drift apart. When Paige meets Marti, it is as pre-natal-class buddies, but Marti steps up when Lucy doesn’t and she is always there. It’s almost inevitable that love blossoms and they settle down to a perfect life together with a little bundle of joy called Amy.