13 Jan

Weekly Deals – January 13th

After country music star Beth ‘Harmony’ Grey breaks down on-stage she literally crash lands in Alman. The tiny mountain town wasn’t where the grieving widow planned on staying, but she finds the anonymity of small-town life both calming and healing.

Bookshop owner Skye Perry was never looking for a relationship or even company. But Alman’s failing economy means that there’s not a bed to be had in town, so when she’s called on to offer her spare room to a car-crash victim she can hardly say no.

Skye wants to save her ailing town, Beth wants to go back in time to say one last goodbye to the only woman she thinks she can love. But both of them need a little something from someone else. And when emotions start to come into the picture, they’ll need to decide whether they can put the past behind them and truly move on.

There’s nothing Skye won’t do to save her town, and there’s nothing Beth won’t do to hold onto the past. But love has a way of finding you whether you want it to or not. Can a heart heal to love again? Or are the scars of the past just too painful?

Lakeside Hospital is a bestselling medical romance series full of hot doctors with sizzling chemistry. Catch up on each of these interconnected love stories now before the final installment, Mouth to Mouth, comes out in 2020.