16 Nov

Weekly Deals – November 16th

Maybe this time, the matchmaker has met her match.


Skylar Woodhouse has found love for everyone in her life but herself. When she meets Joy Zahara, an adorable nerd and CEO of a popular ethical social media site, she finds someone she can’t resist. Skylar knows better than most that sometimes two people can’t help but fall in love. Even when, on paper, they’d make a terrible match. Even when they’re trying their hardest not to. But knowing doesn’t always stop the inevitable. When love comes for her, will she have the strength to see it through?

Lucy Beckett is an Instagram sensation and top model and pretty much everyone under the age of 30 knows who she is. She is exhausted with fame and the superficiality of her life. She is fed up of people around her just wanting her face, her body, her money and her fame. 

Lucy is lonely and just wants to be seen for herself, for who she really is. She creates a fake profile online to find real friends who don’t want her for all the wrong reasons. 

She never expects to find a real intense soul connection with someone in the build up to Christmas.

Lucy’s new girlfriend is coming home for Christmas. Can Lucy find a way to finally tell the truth?