11 Jan

Weekly Deals – January 11th

Elle Baker is one step away from being fired from the journalism job she’s wanted since forever. She needs a story, and she needs one badly.

Alya Goldstein is known for not only being super-successful, but also for being incredibly private. An interview that’s impossible to get.

Until a misunderstanding leads to Elle being hired as Alya’s new assistant. It’s the perfect way to get the story. Or it should be. But as Alya starts to finally open up, Elle finds that she’s getting far more involved in this story than she really should be.

As the lies spiral out of control, Elle’s forced to face her past. Sometimes it’s the lies you tell yourself that are the most damaging. Someone has to make Alya believe in happy endings, but is Elle in too deep to live happily ever after?

These five standalone lesbian novels explore different facets of love, sex, and motherhood. Life is far from over for these single moms as they find passionate romance with other women. In fact, the best days of their lives are only just beginning.

This box set includes:

Another Mother – The actress playing a little girl’s mother falls in love with her real mom.

Half a Heart – The social worker trying to reunite a family ends up becoming part of it.

Two Moms – Sparks fly between the moms of a teen babysitter and her client.

Baby Doctor – The obstetrician delivering a baby finds a decidedly unprofessional connection with the mother.

Mother of the Bride – Best friends as teens are reunited when their adult children plan to get married.