01 Mar

Weekly Deals – March 1

Nic generally thinks no further ahead than the next meal, but even to her this is the perfect plan. Marry her best friend George and they’ll both get access to his trust fund.

Okay, there are a few hitches. George’s mother hates her for being Latina. She’s gay, not straight. Oh, and then there’s Klara. The wedding planner.

Klara gives her heart to every woman she meets, so it’s no surprise that she harbors a crush on Nic. But her failing business needs this wedding and she can’t afford to screw it up. So why can’t she keep her hands off the blushing bride?

Money, business, friendship, everyone’s got something to lose. But when hearts are on the line, the stakes just can’t get any bigger. Or can they?

I was drawn to Caroline from the day we met, but we overwhelmed each other’s lives.
Caroline consumed me.
Her beauty, her vivacious light, her deep red hair, her… everything.
I wasn’t ready to deal with the intensity of our relationship and my own feelings for her, so I forced myself to walk away.
I regretted it and I still do.
Without her, it was as though my world was drained of colour and life.
I’ll always regret leaving her and losing the love we shared. I’ll always miss her whirlwind presence in my life.
Unless I get her back, and convince her to take a chance on me one last time.

In search of life’s meaning, Cherry leaves her high-powered sales job to spend three months working on an organic farm. The owner, Margo, is intensely confident and terrifyingly beautiful – and has little patience for city girls who don’t know what they’re doing.

Desperate to gain Margo’s respect, Cherry does her best to adjust to farm life. Although she’s never been interested in women, she’s intrigued when she learns Margo has particular tastes. Suddenly Cherry wants to please her boss in a whole different way.

As Cherry is swept into a world of exquisite delights, her feelings for the captivating older woman grow. Will she belong to her domme for a moment in time? Or will Margo keep her – forever?

22 Feb

Weekly Deals – February 22nd

Kiran has no room in her life for love.

She’s perfectly content with her close-knit friends, her avian research at the local university, and, well, her own hand is enough to satisfy her on lonely nights.

But then her BFF starts a family, Kiran’s dean denies her tenure, and she breaks her wrist trying to tame a traumatized cockatoo. In just a few days, everything Kiran cares about is obliterated. The icing on the cake? Her influencer sister is planning the wedding of the century and to make it Instagram-perfect, she made Kiran promise not to be a loner with no date.

So when wildlife rescuer Danielle calls Kiran to help rehome a displaced owl, their road trip turns into more than either of them bargained for. In shared motel rooms across the Midwest, it’s easy to go from venting to hooking up, and Danielle even agrees to stand in as Kiran’s wedding date.

But will their friends with benefits arrangement end when Kiran’s cast comes off, or can she make room for love at last?

Pop star Leontyne Blake might sing about love, but she stopped believing in it a long time ago. What women want is her image, not the real her. When her father has a stroke, she flees the spotlight and returns to her tiny Missouri hometown.

In her childhood home, she meets small-town nurse Holly Drummond, who isn’t impressed by Leo’s fame at all. That isn’t the only thing that makes Holly different from other women. She’s also asexual. For her, dating is a minefield of expectations that she has decided to avoid.

Can the tentative friendship between a burned-out pop star and a woman not interested in sex develop into something more despite their diverse expectations?

15 Feb

Weekly Deals – February 15th

When I first arrived at the mansion, I couldn’t remember anything. My name, how I’d got there or who the people were around me. I knew I was a woman, and the pink dress and brown ankle boots I wore felt vaguely familiar, but nothing more.

It wasn’t long before I was told my name was Celina. I was given a suite to stay in and encouraged to prepare for the mysterious Prince Eldran’s masquerade party. I found everything I needed in my suite, other than the answers I sought.

Fragments of memory hinted at dark experiences, at love and loss, but there was no context and I was uncertain about my history and what the future might hold for me.

A stranger at the time, Sorcha found me alone as I sought solace in an empty room. I discovered she too had missing memories, and in her I found a person to talk to. A friend and more, but did we have a chance?

As a happily married presenter of a top-rated morning news show, Olivia Ross has it all. Only none of it’s real. The show’s ratings are flailing, her boss is out to get her, and her marriage has become a hollow sham. And things are about to get worse. Because after her co-anchor falls ill, the show needs a temporary stand-in. And Olivia needs only one look at her youthful, sexy new co-host to know that she’s there to replace her.

Young and hungry, Holly Reynolds is thrilled to get a temporary gig on the biggest show on the network. She’s even more thrilled to work with Olivia, her idol. Only icy Olivia doesn’t seem to like her very much. Nevertheless, Holly is determined to get close to the woman she admires more than anyone.

Olivia tries desperately to resist the charms of her rival. But as their working relationship develops, it becomes difficult for Olivia to keep seeing Holly as the enemy. Against all odds, they find themselves falling for each other…

As the network schemes and the bosses connive, can Olivia and Holly find a way to be together and take on the world at the same time? And can they report the news without becoming the top story?

01 Feb

Weekly Deals – February 1st

Out and proud lesbian singer/songwriter Emmy Whittaker is not amused when her manager books her on Andrea Stone’s show. She has worked hard to build a following. That includes many younger fans who trust her to have their backs. Stone, who has a reputation for hearing differing opinions on controversial issues, doesn’t fit the bill.

Six months after a traumatic event left actress Piper Sheridan confined to her apartment with debilitating panic attacks, she’s determined to start living her life again. Motivated by an upcoming audition, she summons her courage and goes out for a drink, keeping her identity under wraps. It sounds simple enough, but nothing about going out in public is easy for Piper these days. And her hopes of going unnoticed are stymied by the bubbly blonde on the next barstool.

Flight attendant Chloe Carson is only in New York for the night, and she’s only looking for a little casual fun to go with her cocktail. The mysterious woman beside her isn’t fun, exactly…but she’s intriguing. And beautiful. Even without knowing her name, Chloe is drawn to her. When they share an unexpectedly intimate moment, Chloe knows this is a night she’ll never forget.

Can these two strangers turn a chance encounter into something lasting?

25 Jan

Weekly Deals – January 25th

Adel’s social circle is rather small. Without the fans of her blog, she wouldn’t have one at all. This doesn’t bother Adel as much as it probably should, but with her apartment feeling as empty as her love life, Adel’s determined to make a change. Starting with herself.

Asking someone else out, however? Adel’s going to need a lot more than some liquid courage to pull it off. 

Gail’s put everything she has into her family’s bar, but if she doesn’t think of something soon, she’ll lose everything she owns. With the walls closing in around her, what Gail really needs is a distraction, something to take her mind off of things, if only for a little while.

Meeting a new patron is exactly what Gail needs. What she doesn’t expect, however, is to miss the other woman’s company once she’s gone.

Without Adel’s number or an address to go by, Gail’s left with the memory of an evening that ended much too soon. But when their paths cross twice in one night?

Gail isn’t about to make that mistake again.

Rose is a nerdy librarian going through a divorce when she is abducted by aliens. When the spacecraft is attacked by the enemies of Queen Nashal, Rose makes it back to Earth freshly impregnated by alien royalty with said enemies on her heels. Now faced with running for her life, she is joined by Zita, a cheerful and beautiful alien marine, who becomes her guardian and protector . . . and the love of her life.