18 May

Weekly Deals – May 18th

Journalist Hayden Wright’s romantic trip to France isn’t turning out quite as she expected. Not least because her girlfriend is now her ex-girlfriend and she’s supposed to go it alone. Nevertheless, she’s sure she’s got the strength to be independent, right up until her cases don’t arrive and she breaks down at the airport.

Which is when Nicolette Roche magically appears to save her skin. Well, her luggage, at least.

Nicolette is flighty, flexible, unreliable and… beautiful. Exactly what Hayden doesn’t need in her perfectly planned life. But Hayden’s a woman with a mission: to find Sydney Duchamp, a model who dropped off the face of the earth almost forty years ago. And Nicolette might just hold the key to the mystery.

A missing woman, a top job up for grabs, a relationship that redefines the word complicated, and a beautiful French woman. Hayden has more than enough on her plate. So she can’t possibly fall in love as well. Or can she?

Emily Williams has always felt driven to follow her dreams. Her art studies took her across the country, but she can’t forget the girl she left behind. When she learns that Danica has been in a devastating car accident, she’s glad to be returning home for Christmas. She has to see Danica again.

Danica Swanson has tried to move on since Emily left but with limited success. The town of Myrton hasn’t offered many dating prospects, but she found a job as a barista that made her happy. That was until the crash put her life in jeopardy and left her with little choice but to give up her job.

Danica still misses Emily, but she has a lot to deal with as she recovers from her injuries. Meanwhile, Emily wants to give her dream of a relationship with Danica another chance. Can they find a way to rekindle their flame or have they lost each other for good?

11 May

Weekly Deals – May 11th

Bound by the Mafia’s code of honour, loyalty and silence, Maria Lombardo has always dreamed of another life. But when her father dies, she must take over from him as head of the Lombardo clan, the most powerful member of the Sicilian Mafia, La Cosa Nostra.

On the other side of Palermo, the Amato family’s growing lust for power presents a dangerous problem. Maria is forced to take action that goes against every fibre of her being, or she will lose the respect of her clan. Falling for Simone complicates an already complex situation. As the two women’s attraction for each other deepens, secrets are revealed that threaten their future together.

Will Maria choose loyalty to the Cosa Nostra or will she risk it all for love?

Best-selling lesbian romance author Emma Nichols weaves a breath-taking story of love, loyalty and honour that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Nina discovers her girlfriend in a passionate embrace with a cliche jockey guy at the final hours of their high school days. She is shattered, and she ends it and enlists in the Marines.

Eleven Years Later, she is struggling to build up her clients in her Bodyguard and Private Detective services. Nina is approached by her ex’s mother, who is now running for a high political office. Her ex, Kara, is in danger. Nina must put aside her turbulent history to safeguard a frightened young woman.

The stakes soon rise, and even with all of Nina’s considerable connections locally in the DC area, she might not be able to protect herself, much less Kara.
Will the two former flames explode on each other or will their passion reignite? Will Kara ever find forgiveness in Nina’s heart? Who is trying to steal Kara off the streets and why? These and so many more questions are raised in this action-packed mystery!

27 Apr

Weekly Deals – April 27th

What happens when a female Bodyguard starts to fall in love with the Princess they are supposed to be protecting?

Following an accident, Sergeant Erin Kennedy gets the promotion of her life, becoming bodyguard to Princess Alexandra, the future Queen of England.

Rule Number One in the Bodyguard handbook is: Never fall in love with the client.

Princess Alexandra is due to marry a Prince. So, when Erin starts to secretly develop feelings for the charismatic Princess she knows it can only ever end in tears.

Erin finds herself drawn deeper and deeper into a tangled web of duty, responsibilities and secrets with the Princess.

How much pressure can both women take before they begin to break?

A living doll will be first love for a lonely French seamstress.

1879. Paris is a wonderland to Diane Penrose, sheltered youngest daughter of the Baron de St. Aubrey. The heart of Victorian fashion is full of intrigue, but perhaps most intriguing is Marguerite, a quiet seamstress with deft hands.

This is a romantic short of 4,000 words ending in “happy for now.” There’s only one bed!

20 Apr

Weekly Deals – April 20th

A closeted secretary in 1960s Chicago. A fearless activist in San Francisco. A love so powerful it can change the world.

Betty wants what everyone wants – happiness, security, and a quiet, good life. She’s determined to make that happen on her own, despite her mother’s fears that she’ll turn into a spinster if she doesn’t settle down and find a husband soon.

Joan wants an important life – one where she gets to love who she wants to love, do what she enjoys, and will leave the world a better place when she’s gone. But what she is – a lesbian in San Francisco at the beginning of the LGBT+ civil rights movement – is criminal.

When Betty comes to California for vacation, it’s love at first sight across a crowded bar in the Tenderloin district. She’s mesmerized by Joan and drawn to the homophile movement, but does she have the courage to come out for love and join the fight for equality?

When her manager informs her that she’s snagged the lead role in a movie she doesn’t remember auditioning for, actress Jessica’s hermit existence is disrupted.

A car accident involving a co-star years ago left her with physical wounds, but the blame placed on her afterward emotionally scarred her. With her bank account depleting, Jessica takes the role expecting the worst.

Then she meets her new agent. Brianna is a gorgeous, feisty, compassionate woman who not only believes in Jessica but stirs up desires and emotions she hasn’t felt in years. The next eight months of filming will take these two women on a thrilling ride…

13 Apr

Weekly Deals – April 13th

Natalie Silver is painfully single. But that doesn’t mean she’s up for being sent on a lesbian singles cruise by her pushy sister. Damn non-refundable tickets.

Still, it’s not all bad. At least she’s got an excuse to get away from work for a week. Away from pressure and long hours, not to mention her beautiful and popular boss, Eden Tyler. It’s not easy being around such a perfect human being, especially when your own imperfections feel so obvious. Natalie’s looking forward to the chance to step out of Eden’s shadow.

But there’s one problem. Eden is on the same cruise. Because her life isn’t quite as perfect as Natalie thinks. She’s struggling with finding love too. She can’t believe it when she finds herself sharing a singles cruise with her most intimidating employee, the smart and stoic Natalie.

Neither of them are happy about finding themselves pushed together on the cruise, certain they couldn’t possibly share common ground. But between the various dramas of the lesbian singletons aboard the boat, not to mention a few dramas of their own, they’re about to find out that they’re more alike than they could have dreamed.

Neferre is a coarse, disgusting, slightly-alcoholic elf who is discovered while in a drunken stupor by a strange child in the dark depths of a swamp. Neferre offers to escort the child to safety, only to find the little girl is a legendary dragon slayer torn from the ancient past. Together with her friends, a half-giant and a snarky sorcerer, Neferre must return the girl to her original era before her enemies can end her life. The journey becomes a real race against time when a dragon bent on revenge decides it would be preferable if the child return in little pieces.