06 Dec

Weekly Deals – December 6

Becoming a parent has never crossed Faith Rawlings’ mind. Navigating life with a single arm has kept her focus on more pressing matters. But when the nephew she never knew existed loses his only parent, she steps up to be his guardian.

The role entails a temporary move to a community for the deaf. Learning ASL online to better communicate with her nephew proves to be fruitless, so she hires a teacher. When Faith meets the attractive Julia, she dreams of a future she never thought she could have.

Faith settles into her new life with determination and heart. But if the out-of-reach primary guardian listed on the will of her nephew’s late mother seeks custody, she could lose the family she’s built.

After the events of the summer, Katherine and Anna are looking forward to spending a quiet, cosy Christmas together before hosting a New Year’s Eve party at Nunswick Abbey.

When a romantic weekend away for Anna’s birthday doesn’t go to plan, it proves to be the beginning of their Christmas woes, and as workplace pleasantries grow too friendly, a cloud of jealousy and suspicion forms.

As Anna plans the most important party of her career, can she convince Katherine their co-worker has more than pub lunches on the brain? Can Katherine keep her composure as the tension rises at Abbey House?

As they count down to the New Year, will Anna and Katherine’s relationship survive the calamitous Christmas season?

15 Nov

Weekly Deals – November 15

Maya Ross has worked hard to cultivate a tough, no-nonsense reputation as ‘one of the guys’ in a male-dominated field. As lead investigator, she’s at the peak of her career – and she can’t admit to anyone that it’s making her deeply unhappy.

When femme, gorgeous Detective Arlen Rose blows into town on a killer’s trail, she’s everything Maya never knew she needed – and the answer to the gnawing emptiness inside her. They team up to catch the prolific serial killer before he strikes again, but the closer they get to him, the sooner Arlen will move on.

Can they bring the Rideshare Creep to justice, or will their own hearts become casualties of the chase?

Dumped and depressed, Lil Bradley is left running her dream bookshop without her dream woman. All that’s left of her fiancée is the half-finished coffee shop in the corner of the store.

And then Riley Winters reappears.

Riley is convinced that she’s dying. So she’s come back to Amberly, the home that she’s been avoiding for fifteen years. And when she walks into Lil’s store it’s like turning back the hands of time.

Except it’s a clock that neither one of them really wanted to mess with.

There’s no way that they’re about to recapture their history together. If only because Kayden, Lil’s best friend and Riley’s big brother, would never forgive them. Anyway, Lil’s happy alone and Riley’s busy dying.

Until Riley’s diagnosis isn’t quite as fatal as she thought, and it turns out she came home for all the wrong reasons. But can she be persuaded to stay for all the right ones?

Sometimes all it takes is a reminder of what’s truly important to turn your life upside down…

01 Nov

Weekly Deals – November 1

Three sizzling stories of powerful immortal Greek goddesses and the women they love today.

Soulmates, magic, and loyalty.

Hestia might well be the first of the Olympian gods, but her job has been to keep the home fires burning, which means she doesn’t get out much. She doesn’t mind staying in, but it wasn’t the same when her soulmate went missing for hundreds of years.

When they reunite, their passion and desire are enough to light more fires.

Soon two more modern women find love among the immortals.

Quinn Lawson is ready for a career change.

After 20+ years as one of New York City’s best real estate agents, she’s ready to use that experience to become one of the city’s leading developers.

Quinn has been dreaming of a spectacular development in Brooklyn, and she’s spent years buying the lots and the properties she’ll need to make it happen.

Now, only one home stands in her way.

One last purchase, and Quinn would finally be able to break ground.

When a hot-shot real estate agent knocks on her door, Lauren Burke can’t get rid of her fast enough.

Lauren had inherited her home from the elderly woman she looked after, so there was no way she was just going to sell it. She’d barely moved in.

Lauren also knew Quinn Lawson’s type.

They thought money solved everything.

Well, money wasn’t going to convince Lauren to sell, no matter how high the offers got or how charming or sexy Quinn Lawson was.

But lines start to blur when business gets mixed with pleasure.

Can both of these women get what they want as their attraction grows and the chemistry between them becomes obvious?

25 Oct

Weekly Deals – October 25

Fay was having dinner with a friend of her cousin and apparently, one of her friends too. It was meant to be purely a distraction after Fay put had her all into her new posting in Cheltenham, but she reckoned without the spark she felt immediately for Julia.

Their connection took them both by surprise – neither of them were looking for anything more than a pleasant night out. Julia was still miffed with her ex and Fay, well, she just wanted to learn more about her new town… Why did the words of her ex-boss suddenly spring to mind?

Anna Crestwood was raised in the strict beliefs of a religious sect that’s nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. She’s a lesbian with a ton of baggage, fearful, guilty, and alone. Few things would cause her to leave these familiar surroundings, the job offer of a lifetime being one of them.

So, against her better judgment, she packs her belongings and moves to the Land of Lincoln, a land without mountains, a land of cornfields and soybeans. This event, traumatic as it was, would have been uneventful had her movers not been told to move a critical stone, a stone that blocked the fiery-breath of Hell, setting a dire chain of events in motion, and beginning the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Gabe Garst is a police officer, a powerful medium, and the daughter of Anna’s new landlord. Her work with juvenile delinquents and ghosts is all that keeps her going. Inside she’s dead, certain that her capacity to love is buried with her late wife, six feet under. Grieving, depressed, and alone, suicide seems like her best option. When she stops by Anna’s to check out an electrical problem, she stumbles across hauntings; encounters a demon, old, dark, and dangerous; and senses the stirrings of mutual attraction. Unfortunately, both women must battle personal demons before anything can come of it.

And, they’ll wait almost too long.

17 Oct

Weekly Deals – October 18

Historical tour guide Anna Walker is determined to make a good impression on her new bosses, but juggling a full-time job with caring for her ailing father is putting her own health – and potentially his – at risk.

When she meets Dr Katherine Atkinson, a charming yet intimidating new arrival to the village, Anna is infuriated by the doctor’s attempts to convince her that her father needs professional, full-time care. She’s even more frustrated by her growing attraction to the classy, wealthy doctor.

Anna’s determination to prove she can cope forces Katherine to divulge a painful event from her past that still haunts her, hopeful it will make Anna see sense before it’s too late.

With Katherine’s heart lost to the past and Anna’s overwhelmed in the present, can the two women help each other overcome their anxieties and move forward? Will a curtain-twitching busy body curtail any blossoming attraction before it even has a chance to bloom?

Evelyn enjoyed living a nice, quiet life in an anarchic pirate port, far from the world she’d once conquered.

Then came an attack by mercenaries that made her angry. By the time the dust settled, she had a group of former slaves which she’d freed, her djinn assistant had convinced several of the women that they should join Evelyn’s brand-new harem, and she was looking for a new home, likely aboard a ship.

If nothing else, it was going to make Evelyn’s life more interesting, and she almost looked forward to it. If the rest of the cluster was sweating bullets at the re-emergence of a notorious warlord, that was their problem, not hers.