27 Dec

Weekly Deals – December 27

When Marsha’s broken teleporter sends her to Earth, her only priority is to get back to civilization. Unfortunately, she has no way to get off this primitive planet or even contact home. Since she’s stuck here indefinitely, she’ll have to make the best of it.

Sophie is surprisingly calm when the beautiful woman wandering the streets says she’s from outer space. Having often felt like an alien herself, she’s determined to help Marsha however possible – even if that means letting the complete stranger move in with her.

As Marsha tries to settle in on Earth, Sophie realizes she’s unique in the universe. It’s not just Marsha’s unearthly good looks; Sophie is drawn to her kind and curious nature. Meanwhile, Marsha realizes that even a backwards planet can be home to intelligent life – and that the life form called Sophie is also downright sexy.

Will Marsha find her way home? Or will her heart convince her to change her plans?

Nat Butler is a rock goddess.

A goddess with a penthouse apartment, a long-running career, fans across the globe… and nothing real to hold onto.

Her recording contract is up, and when an ugly breakup drags Nat into the tabloids, she decides the universe is telling her to take a break from LA. She’s ready to build something of her own – something real – so she heads back to her Ohio hometown to scout a local band in the hopes of starting a production company.

Instead of an answer to her problems, Nat finds Christy there – a former lover Nat left behind when she got her big break.

Once a passionate athlete and a shy but vibrant girl, Christy is a shadow of her former self after a painful divorce ruined the plans she’d made for her life, took away her dream home and turned her world upside down.

And despite Nat’s enthusiasm, she’s not too happy to see the woman who broke her heart fifteen years ago.

Things in Ohio aren’t looking much better than LA, but Nat knows that the universe brought her back into Christy’s world for a reason and she’s determined to make amends while she chases her own dreams.

20 Dec

Weekly Deals – December 20

I’ve finally gotten a handle on my life. Sure, it’s taken into my 30s to get here, but I’ve finally got all my candy canes in a row. A job I love, a house I adore, and a town that still takes my breath away every holiday season.

Let’s just forget all of the things that had to go wrong for me to get here. In fact, that’s just what I’m doing when Joy Martin waltzes back into town for the holidays. I’m surprised by how much hurts to see the first girl to break my heart—and the last.

Snowy Springs is a small town, but I’m determined to steer clear of the heartbreaker until the holidays pass and she leaves. That is, until a Santa Claus crisis at the library gives me the choice of groveling to Joy for help or disappointing a terrifying group of sugar-high children. And what she asks for in return? I have a feeling nothing could prepare me for what comes next.

Emily Williams has always felt driven to follow her dreams. Her art studies took her across the country, but she can’t forget the girl she left behind. When she learns that Danica has been in a devastating car accident, she’s glad to be returning home for Christmas. She has to see Danica again.

Danica Swanson has tried to move on since Emily left but with limited success. The town of Myrton hasn’t offered many dating prospects, but she found a job as a barista that made her happy. That was until the crash put her life in jeopardy and left her with little choice but to give up her job.

Danica still misses Emily, but she has a lot to deal with as she recovers from her injuries. Meanwhile, Emily wants to give her dream of a relationship with Danica another chance. Can they find a way to rekindle their flame or have they lost each other for good?

13 Dec

Weekly Deals – December 13

Sara’s landscaping business is her pride and joy – but her latest client is unexpectedly difficult. Emery is a rich, spoiled, utterly gorgeous former child actress… who keeps trying to coax Sara into bed.

Emery likes what Sara’s doing to her yard, and she’s dying to find out if her authoritative attitude extends beyond closed doors. But that doesn’t mean she’ll submit obediently. Once she gets Sara between the sheets, she’ll tease, talk back, and misbehave as much as she pleases.

Can Sara learn to tame Emery? And even if she does, which one is really in charge?

Bodyguard Carmen Torres is a professional. She gets the job done, she doesn’t get attached to her clients, and she does not mix business with pleasure. When she gets a job as personal bodyguard to domineering heiress Amber Pryce, she has no intention of breaking those rules, no matter how enticing she finds her client. But Amber has other ideas.

As the sole heir to the Pryce family fortune, Amber is accustomed to being treated like royalty. Anything she wants, she takes. That includes Carmen, the stubborn bodyguard Amber hired to protect her from a mysterious stalker. Amber is determined to have Carmen bow to her. And even though Carmen won’t allow herself to admit it, she craves the sweet surrender that Amber commands.

Engaged in a fiery game of seduction, tensions heat up between the two women. But with an unhinged stalker on Amber’s trail, the stakes keep rising, putting both women’s lives at risk, along with their hearts.

06 Dec

Weekly Deals – December 6

Becoming a parent has never crossed Faith Rawlings’ mind. Navigating life with a single arm has kept her focus on more pressing matters. But when the nephew she never knew existed loses his only parent, she steps up to be his guardian.

The role entails a temporary move to a community for the deaf. Learning ASL online to better communicate with her nephew proves to be fruitless, so she hires a teacher. When Faith meets the attractive Julia, she dreams of a future she never thought she could have.

Faith settles into her new life with determination and heart. But if the out-of-reach primary guardian listed on the will of her nephew’s late mother seeks custody, she could lose the family she’s built.

After the events of the summer, Katherine and Anna are looking forward to spending a quiet, cosy Christmas together before hosting a New Year’s Eve party at Nunswick Abbey.

When a romantic weekend away for Anna’s birthday doesn’t go to plan, it proves to be the beginning of their Christmas woes, and as workplace pleasantries grow too friendly, a cloud of jealousy and suspicion forms.

As Anna plans the most important party of her career, can she convince Katherine their co-worker has more than pub lunches on the brain? Can Katherine keep her composure as the tension rises at Abbey House?

As they count down to the New Year, will Anna and Katherine’s relationship survive the calamitous Christmas season?

15 Nov

Weekly Deals – November 15

Maya Ross has worked hard to cultivate a tough, no-nonsense reputation as ‘one of the guys’ in a male-dominated field. As lead investigator, she’s at the peak of her career – and she can’t admit to anyone that it’s making her deeply unhappy.

When femme, gorgeous Detective Arlen Rose blows into town on a killer’s trail, she’s everything Maya never knew she needed – and the answer to the gnawing emptiness inside her. They team up to catch the prolific serial killer before he strikes again, but the closer they get to him, the sooner Arlen will move on.

Can they bring the Rideshare Creep to justice, or will their own hearts become casualties of the chase?

Dumped and depressed, Lil Bradley is left running her dream bookshop without her dream woman. All that’s left of her fiancée is the half-finished coffee shop in the corner of the store.

And then Riley Winters reappears.

Riley is convinced that she’s dying. So she’s come back to Amberly, the home that she’s been avoiding for fifteen years. And when she walks into Lil’s store it’s like turning back the hands of time.

Except it’s a clock that neither one of them really wanted to mess with.

There’s no way that they’re about to recapture their history together. If only because Kayden, Lil’s best friend and Riley’s big brother, would never forgive them. Anyway, Lil’s happy alone and Riley’s busy dying.

Until Riley’s diagnosis isn’t quite as fatal as she thought, and it turns out she came home for all the wrong reasons. But can she be persuaded to stay for all the right ones?

Sometimes all it takes is a reminder of what’s truly important to turn your life upside down…