07 Dec

Weekly Deals – December 7th

Bridget Buttermilk hates Christmas. Between raising her daughter alone and running an online crafting business, she really doesn’t have time to worry about putting up a tree, or baking cookies for Santa. When’s she is called into her daughter’s classroom, she is shocked to find out her daughter’s teacher is her high-school sweetheart. Thirteen years and one failed marriage later, she had no interest in rekindling their romance.

Valerie Rivers loves Christmas. Christmas decorations, Christmas candy, Christmas sweaters. If it’s Christmas themed, she has to have it. Leaving her high-school girlfriend, Bridget, to pursue an acting career is one of her biggest regrets. When Ms. Buttermilk, Aria’s mother, turns out to be Bridget, she sees a second chance at everything she walked away from.

Bridget has changed, and it’s up to Valerie (with a little help from Aria) to help her rekindle her love of Christmas. Is 25 days enough to fall in love, find her Christmas spirit, and keep their sanity long enough to make it through the annual Christmas market, or do they need a Christmas miracle?

Jess has been secretly in love with her straight best friend Holly as long as she can remember. After one magical night when they were eighteen, Jess is left heartbroken by Holly. 

Jess runs away to the city and does everything she can to forget Holly. 

Fourteen years have passed since she last saw or spoke to Holly. When everything falls apart with Jess’s life in the city, she finds herself coming home. 

Coming home to her small town. Coming home to her Mom. Coming home to herself. 

Can she find a way to navigate the complex feelings she still has for her straight best friend and find a way to come home to Holly?

28 Nov

Weekly Deals – November 30th

Sammie Troy just can’t deal with her life anymore, so she sells all she’s got, leaves her fiancé, and buys an RV. But when the runaway bride parks her truck in front of a small town bar the last thing she’s expecting is Leo Bonham.

Butch, sexy, and older, Leo is everything that Sammie has never wanted. Not least because she’s female. And Leo isn’t too pleased about meeting Sammie either. She’s off relationships for good, and anyway, that huge RV is deterring customers.

Sammie’s too straight, too young, and too beautiful for Leo’s taste. And Leo’s too broken, too stubborn, and too old for Sammie’s games. And yet the bubbling excitement between them can’t be denied.

It should have been just a stop on the road, just another customer, but somehow their lives got tangled together. Right up until one cuts the other free. An escape story turned into a romance, which turned into a tragedy. And the only way to get a happy ending is to leave the past behind…

Everyone knows personal trainer Blayke Bell’s family are obsessed with Christmas. The tree goes up at the start of November and there’s always a long list of festive activities planned. To Blayke, Christmas is the best time of year and she can’t wait to start celebrating.

Beauty therapist Zanthie Brown has only been in town for a little over a year and with no family and very few friends, is set to spend another Christmas alone. If anyone asks, she’ll tell them she doesn’t mind, because the truth is, she’s never actually had the opportunity to celebrate a proper Christmas, and although she secretly yearns to take part in the holiday season, she certainly doesn’t want to be pitied. 

When Blayke and Zanthie’s worlds collide, Blayke makes it her mission to pull together a Christmas checklist to ensure Zanthie experiences a Christmas she’ll never forget. Between ice skating, hot chocolate, baking cookies and tree decorating, sparks start to fly but there’s a problem. Everyone knows you shouldn’t date your best friend’s ex and Zanthie is Blayke’s friend and work colleague Lana’s ex-girlfriend.

Join Blayke and Zanthie as they try to fight their growing feelings in this festive romance.

22 Nov

Weekly Deals – November 23rd

As an obstetrician, Audrey thinks she’s seen it all – until a patient gives birth completely alone. Drawn to Krista’s inner strength, Audrey longs to learn more about her and her determination to survive any obstacle.

Overwhelmed by single motherhood, Krista is grateful for Audrey’s friendship. Although Audrey’s success intimidates Krista, she idolizes her – and she can’t help noticing the doctor’s mature beauty.

Krista is too young for Audrey, and she used to be her patient. They shouldn’t even be friends, and yet both want to be lovers. Can they take a risk and follow their hearts – or will both remain single moms forever?

Irene Lydia has just met the bane of her existence.

As a new CEO, Irene has a lot of things on her mind, and love isn’t one of them. Taking over her late parents’ company has been hard enough; now some uppity consultant has swanned in and is driving Irene crazy—in every sense of the phrase.

Liana Page is smug, condescending, and maddeningly gorgeous. She and Irene form an instant rivalry where every conversation is a battle for the upper hand…and it’s starting to look dangerously like seduction. Something suspicious is going on within Irene’s company, though. Irene refuses to turn a blind eye, especially once she finds out that Liana is involved.

Can Irene and Liana get to the bottom of it without ripping off each other’s heads—or clothes?

16 Nov

Weekly Deals – November 16th

Maybe this time, the matchmaker has met her match.


Skylar Woodhouse has found love for everyone in her life but herself. When she meets Joy Zahara, an adorable nerd and CEO of a popular ethical social media site, she finds someone she can’t resist. Skylar knows better than most that sometimes two people can’t help but fall in love. Even when, on paper, they’d make a terrible match. Even when they’re trying their hardest not to. But knowing doesn’t always stop the inevitable. When love comes for her, will she have the strength to see it through?

Lucy Beckett is an Instagram sensation and top model and pretty much everyone under the age of 30 knows who she is. She is exhausted with fame and the superficiality of her life. She is fed up of people around her just wanting her face, her body, her money and her fame. 

Lucy is lonely and just wants to be seen for herself, for who she really is. She creates a fake profile online to find real friends who don’t want her for all the wrong reasons. 

She never expects to find a real intense soul connection with someone in the build up to Christmas.

Lucy’s new girlfriend is coming home for Christmas. Can Lucy find a way to finally tell the truth?

09 Nov

Weekly Deals – November 9th

Sophie London has never believed in love at first sight. When she forms an instant connection with gorgeous virtual assistant, Charli Robinson, she’s thrown into a spin and her rule book on love flies out the window. This woman is perfect, and she can imagine them spending the rest of their lives together.

Charli Robinson is not perfect. Accumulating a colossal debt twelve months earlier, she’s leading a secretive double life. Working a second job as a paid escort is not information she dares to share with the woman she’s fallen hard for.

With only a few weeks before her debt can be repaid and Charli can walk away from the escort business, her two worlds collide with spectacular, yet catastrophic, consequences. Sophie is left devastated, confused, and heartbroken. Has everything they’ve shared been a lie?

Unable to disclose her secret, Charli is left in a precarious situation. Does she come clean with Sophie and risk a financial blow so severe she’ll lose everything; or will she choose to walk away from the love of her life?

Kat Gordon is a junior high teacher facing unimaginable changes in her life. Still adjusting to the end of a decade-long relationship, she is plunged into a hidden underworld of fantastical beings both wondrous and terrible.

When dark forces come hunting one of her students, Kat is caught in the conflict between a demon crime lord and the mysterious Rathburn Institute, a secret research facility and school for supernatural youth. In the process she meets Aves, an owl shifter with a troubled past and wicked way with a sword. 

Sparks fly between these two women as they work to uncover the demon’s master plan. In the process Kat is forced to question all she knows of herself and her place in the world. By the end, it’s possible she may not be entirely human.