07 Sep

Weekly Deals – September 7th

Laurie “the Hatchet” Emerson is a ruthless leader in Boston finance who’s rumoured to have a block of ice where her heart should be. If only. Recently widowed, Laurie fears she’s broken beyond repair, until a once-in-a-lifetime business deal reignites her passion for work and gives her a shot at proving to the world she still has some life left in her. 

Jack Kennedy is a young portfolio manager who aspires to greatness. Unfortunately, she’s so many rungs down the corporate ladder she can’t even scrape up enough money to move out of her mother’s apartment. Her luck changes when her work ethic is finally rewarded with the job opportunity of her dreams. 

A blizzard forces their worlds to collide, but what was meant to be a no-strings night of passion becomes more complicated when they both arrive at the office the next morning to discover they each spent the night with the one person in the city who could crush their futures. 

Together, they just might hold the keys to everything they’ve ever wanted, but the difference in their ages and positions could spell the end of their careers. Will the ice queen and the protégé find happiness together or lose everything? 

Two years after my divorce I’m ready to push through the pain. Either I pick up the reins of my life now, or let go forever.

I didn’t expect to cross paths with Rae—in a chat room of all places. She was my first love, who I met in college. Ten years ago, I walked away from us at a time when she needed me. Unfortunately, now I know how that feels.

My first instinct is to run—it would be too easy to fall in love again. Too easy for my heart to break. But now that she’s back in my life, I’m truly grateful for her friendship, even though she’s far away.

Real love has evaded me since Lindsay, my first love and the girl I left behind. It’s been a string of friends with benefits—I give my body but never my heart.

But my second chance has come, and the girl I loved is now a woman with a broken heart. She’s a shadow, and everything in me yearns to coax her back to life.

That’s why I’m inviting her to stay with me in Ireland. I think she could use a break away to let the past go and find some healing. I suspect the demons of her past won’t let her go so easily, but I’ll do what I can to help her find happiness again.

31 Aug

Weekly Deals – August 31st

In the space of five months, Alex Blakely has gone from party-girl traveler who never wanted to settle down, to house-owner and guardian to seven-year-old Libby. The responsibility terrifies her, she never wanted this.

In the course of a year, Kat Stein has gone from happily married second-grade teacher, to divorced, broke and hanging onto her job by a thread. The loss of her perfect life is devastating, she never wanted this.

And when travel-crazed hippy meets disciplined, strait-laced teacher, it’s hate at first sight. Alex and Kat couldn’t be more different, and neither is exactly living her best life. Until a rigged school election, a painful accident in the woods, and the re-appearance of Libby’s mysterious father mean that the two are reluctantly bound together…

Getting everything you ever wanted is hard enough. But getting everything you never wanted? That’s a whole lot trickier…

Romi has given up on love after one too many heartbreaks. She’s determined to stay focused and chase her passions—out of the bedroom—and that starts with her new job. Too bad she’s immediately captivated by her older, sensual boss.

Kiera has never let herself take a chance on love. She’s done just fine on her own, building a successful business from the ground up. The last thing she wants is to fall for her younger, gorgeous employee.

Opposites attract, right? When Romi realizes how much Kiera needs her, she can’t help but take the risk.

Kiera’s resolution not to get involved doesn’t stand a chance against the unpredictable spark of passion that quickly turns into something else. She’s going to have to be honest. Not just with herself, but with everyone else as well.


17 Aug

Weekly Deals – August 17th

Carol only came to the shelter as a publicity stunt.
See, she needed to soften her image. People thought she was this cold ice queen who threw money around like crazy to get what she wanted. I mean, I even thought she was this ambitious woman who didn’t care about me or my animals at all.

Boy, was I wrong.

After the first photo shoot, she kept asking if I wanted to get dinner. She was gorgeous. But she was also so rich and older than me. I was so…inexperienced. I said yes and then Carol told me what she really wanted.

A fake marriage.

I’m sorry. I’m just a simple girl. I don’t get all these rich big city women. I’m not used to lying. or deceiving people to get what I want, which is what she needed me to do.
I just want someone to love. And for someone to love me. Now, I can see my self loving Carol. But can she see herself loving me?

Or am I just too sheltered?

Elena Mendez has always been career-first; with only two semesters of law school to go, her dream of working as a family lawyer for children is finally within reach. She can’t afford distractions. She doesn’t have time for love.

And she has no idea how much her life will change, the day she lends her notes to Cora McLaughlin.

A freelance writer and MBA student, Cora is just as career-driven as Elena. But over weeks in the library together, they discover that as strong as they are apart, they’re stronger together. Through snowstorms and stolen moments, through loneliness and companionship, the two learn they can weather anything as long as they have each other–even a surprise visit from Elena’s family.

From solitude to sweetness, there’s nothing like falling in love. College may be strict…but when it comes to love, Cora and Elena are ahead of the learning curve.

27 Jul

Weekly Deals – July 27th

App designer Carter Montgomery has thrown herself into being a successful co-founder of LadyLuck for the last half decade. Until now, she’s been content to focus on work mixed with a little light fun. It takes a horrible date with an infuriating woman to make her realize that maybe she isn’t so satisfied with things and that it’s time she got serious about investing in her love life.

Jamie Prescott spends her time working in different cities, always with a new startup to wrangle as she avoids putting down roots. It’s worked well for her so far, at least as well as living out of hotels and having casual flings can for a person. When Jamie ends up in San Francisco, she expects some carefree hookups from the LadyLuck app. She isn’t expecting to meet Carter, a woman who’s as frustrating as she is attractive. 

Carter is finally ready for something serious, and Jamie wants anything but emotional vulnerability. Why is it that everyone around them seems to think that might just make them the perfect match?

Emily Williams has always felt driven to follow her dreams. Her art studies took her across the country, but she can’t forget the girl she left behind. When she learns that Danica has been in a devastating car accident, she’s glad to be returning home for Christmas. She has to see Danica again.

Danica Swanson has tried to move on since Emily left but with limited success. The town of Myrton hasn’t offered many dating prospects, but she found a job as a barista that made her happy. That was until the crash put her life in jeopardy and left her with little choice but to give up her job.

Danica still misses Emily, but she has a lot to deal with as she recovers from her injuries. Meanwhile, Emily wants to give her dream of a relationship with Danica another chance. Can they find a way to rekindle their flame or have they lost each other for good?

20 Jul

Weekly Deals – July 20th

When Marsha’s broken teleporter sends her to Earth, her only priority is to get back to civilization. Unfortunately, she has no way to get off this primitive planet or even contact home. Since she’s stuck here indefinitely, she’ll have to make the best of it.

Sophie is surprisingly calm when the beautiful woman wandering the streets says she’s from outer space. Having often felt like an alien herself, she’s determined to help Marsha however possible – even if that means letting the complete stranger move in with her.

As Marsha tries to settle in on Earth, Sophie realizes she’s unique in the universe. It’s not just Marsha’s unearthly good looks; Sophie is drawn to her kind and curious nature. Meanwhile, Marsha realizes that even a backwards planet can be home to intelligent life – and that the life form called Sophie is also downright sexy.

Will Marsha find her way home? Or will her heart convince her to change her plans?

Vic doesn’t remember her first pack. She doesn’t remember her family or her home. As far as she’s concerned, the haven she’s spent the last twenty years of her life in is her home, Trevor is her chosen family, and there’s no place she’d rather go.

This all chances, however, when a scouting mission sends her right back to the human camps Trevor pulled her away from. She has no recollection of that night or what happened there, and yet, something drives her forward, along the cobblestone streets in search of another.

Born and raised as the next Alpha in line to lead her pack, it’s up to Elly to take her father’s place once he’s gone. But what if she doesn’t want to lead? What if she wants a life all her own?

Vic sees her, understands her, and now, after spending months inside a cage, someone finally wants her. But this isn’t the first time they’ve met, and sharing that truth could easily tear them apart.

Can these two women work together to break away from the past, or are there some things you simply cannot run away from?