13 Apr

Weekly Deals – April 13th

Natalie Silver is painfully single. But that doesn’t mean she’s up for being sent on a lesbian singles cruise by her pushy sister. Damn non-refundable tickets.

Still, it’s not all bad. At least she’s got an excuse to get away from work for a week. Away from pressure and long hours, not to mention her beautiful and popular boss, Eden Tyler. It’s not easy being around such a perfect human being, especially when your own imperfections feel so obvious. Natalie’s looking forward to the chance to step out of Eden’s shadow.

But there’s one problem. Eden is on the same cruise. Because her life isn’t quite as perfect as Natalie thinks. She’s struggling with finding love too. She can’t believe it when she finds herself sharing a singles cruise with her most intimidating employee, the smart and stoic Natalie.

Neither of them are happy about finding themselves pushed together on the cruise, certain they couldn’t possibly share common ground. But between the various dramas of the lesbian singletons aboard the boat, not to mention a few dramas of their own, they’re about to find out that they’re more alike than they could have dreamed.

Neferre is a coarse, disgusting, slightly-alcoholic elf who is discovered while in a drunken stupor by a strange child in the dark depths of a swamp. Neferre offers to escort the child to safety, only to find the little girl is a legendary dragon slayer torn from the ancient past. Together with her friends, a half-giant and a snarky sorcerer, Neferre must return the girl to her original era before her enemies can end her life. The journey becomes a real race against time when a dragon bent on revenge decides it would be preferable if the child return in little pieces.