20 Apr

Weekly Deals – April 20th

A closeted secretary in 1960s Chicago. A fearless activist in San Francisco. A love so powerful it can change the world.

Betty wants what everyone wants – happiness, security, and a quiet, good life. She’s determined to make that happen on her own, despite her mother’s fears that she’ll turn into a spinster if she doesn’t settle down and find a husband soon.

Joan wants an important life – one where she gets to love who she wants to love, do what she enjoys, and will leave the world a better place when she’s gone. But what she is – a lesbian in San Francisco at the beginning of the LGBT+ civil rights movement – is criminal.

When Betty comes to California for vacation, it’s love at first sight across a crowded bar in the Tenderloin district. She’s mesmerized by Joan and drawn to the homophile movement, but does she have the courage to come out for love and join the fight for equality?

When her manager informs her that she’s snagged the lead role in a movie she doesn’t remember auditioning for, actress Jessica’s hermit existence is disrupted.

A car accident involving a co-star years ago left her with physical wounds, but the blame placed on her afterward emotionally scarred her. With her bank account depleting, Jessica takes the role expecting the worst.

Then she meets her new agent. Brianna is a gorgeous, feisty, compassionate woman who not only believes in Jessica but stirs up desires and emotions she hasn’t felt in years. The next eight months of filming will take these two women on a thrilling ride…