27 Apr

Weekly Deals – April 27th

What happens when a female Bodyguard starts to fall in love with the Princess they are supposed to be protecting?

Following an accident, Sergeant Erin Kennedy gets the promotion of her life, becoming bodyguard to Princess Alexandra, the future Queen of England.

Rule Number One in the Bodyguard handbook is: Never fall in love with the client.

Princess Alexandra is due to marry a Prince. So, when Erin starts to secretly develop feelings for the charismatic Princess she knows it can only ever end in tears.

Erin finds herself drawn deeper and deeper into a tangled web of duty, responsibilities and secrets with the Princess.

How much pressure can both women take before they begin to break?

A living doll will be first love for a lonely French seamstress.

1879. Paris is a wonderland to Diane Penrose, sheltered youngest daughter of the Baron de St. Aubrey. The heart of Victorian fashion is full of intrigue, but perhaps most intriguing is Marguerite, a quiet seamstress with deft hands.

This is a romantic short of 4,000 words ending in “happy for now.” There’s only one bed!