17 Aug

Weekly Deals – August 17th

Carol only came to the shelter as a publicity stunt.
See, she needed to soften her image. People thought she was this cold ice queen who threw money around like crazy to get what she wanted. I mean, I even thought she was this ambitious woman who didn’t care about me or my animals at all.

Boy, was I wrong.

After the first photo shoot, she kept asking if I wanted to get dinner. She was gorgeous. But she was also so rich and older than me. I was so…inexperienced. I said yes and then Carol told me what she really wanted.

A fake marriage.

I’m sorry. I’m just a simple girl. I don’t get all these rich big city women. I’m not used to lying. or deceiving people to get what I want, which is what she needed me to do.
I just want someone to love. And for someone to love me. Now, I can see my self loving Carol. But can she see herself loving me?

Or am I just too sheltered?

Elena Mendez has always been career-first; with only two semesters of law school to go, her dream of working as a family lawyer for children is finally within reach. She can’t afford distractions. She doesn’t have time for love.

And she has no idea how much her life will change, the day she lends her notes to Cora McLaughlin.

A freelance writer and MBA student, Cora is just as career-driven as Elena. But over weeks in the library together, they discover that as strong as they are apart, they’re stronger together. Through snowstorms and stolen moments, through loneliness and companionship, the two learn they can weather anything as long as they have each other–even a surprise visit from Elena’s family.

From solitude to sweetness, there’s nothing like falling in love. College may be strict…but when it comes to love, Cora and Elena are ahead of the learning curve.