13 Dec

Weekly Deals – December 13

Sara’s landscaping business is her pride and joy – but her latest client is unexpectedly difficult. Emery is a rich, spoiled, utterly gorgeous former child actress… who keeps trying to coax Sara into bed.

Emery likes what Sara’s doing to her yard, and she’s dying to find out if her authoritative attitude extends beyond closed doors. But that doesn’t mean she’ll submit obediently. Once she gets Sara between the sheets, she’ll tease, talk back, and misbehave as much as she pleases.

Can Sara learn to tame Emery? And even if she does, which one is really in charge?

Bodyguard Carmen Torres is a professional. She gets the job done, she doesn’t get attached to her clients, and she does not mix business with pleasure. When she gets a job as personal bodyguard to domineering heiress Amber Pryce, she has no intention of breaking those rules, no matter how enticing she finds her client. But Amber has other ideas.

As the sole heir to the Pryce family fortune, Amber is accustomed to being treated like royalty. Anything she wants, she takes. That includes Carmen, the stubborn bodyguard Amber hired to protect her from a mysterious stalker. Amber is determined to have Carmen bow to her. And even though Carmen won’t allow herself to admit it, she craves the sweet surrender that Amber commands.

Engaged in a fiery game of seduction, tensions heat up between the two women. But with an unhinged stalker on Amber’s trail, the stakes keep rising, putting both women’s lives at risk, along with their hearts.