16 Dec

Weekly Deals – December 16th

When Amber and Jamie meet by happenstance, they are both instantly drawn to each other. It doesn’t take long for both women to realize there’s something special between them. A charming Christmas-themed date continues to deepen their feelings for each other.

There’s just one problem: the two women are seeking different things out of a relationship. Amber wants to prove that she can be committed, while Jamie wants to keep things casual.

Will their differences of heart force them apart? Or will they find a way to be with each other?

Lauren has a great life in New York, but when the opportunity to move to a small town for work arises, she jumps at it. Lauren is tired of the big city dating world. She wants to settle down, and picturesque Upstate New York seems like the perfect place to do that.

It took Eden longer than most to come out. Unfortunately, her first relationship was a train wreck, leaving her committed to staying single for a while. Eden has no problem sticking to her resolve, until a gorgeous woman, who seems to only have eyes for her, moves to town.