21 Dec

Weekly Deals – December 21st

Entering her second year of vet tech school, Ling is caught between her best friend and her long-time crush.

Ling wants nothing more than to tell Dakota how she feels, but she can’t risk upsetting the delicate balance of their friendship – until she discovers her best friend, Amber, is the third point in their love triangle.

When Ling and Dakota take a road trip to catch Dakota’s runaway cat back home, Amber invites herself along for the ride and from car snacks to road music, it’s clear the battle for Dakota’s heart is on.

Rowena Shelton is a fox-shifter, stolen in childhood from her home-world. She now works as an agent for the secretive and powerful sentinels, trying to bring an end to the inter-world slave trade.

Etty Sikes is a street-smart spitfire from the wrong side of the tracks. She harbors untrained magical abilities and a deep longing for a better life. Can she channel these into working as Rowena’s assistant?

Will these two women survive a life-changing mission where love and danger are only a heartbeat away?