07 Dec

Weekly Deals – December 7th

Bridget Buttermilk hates Christmas. Between raising her daughter alone and running an online crafting business, she really doesn’t have time to worry about putting up a tree, or baking cookies for Santa. When’s she is called into her daughter’s classroom, she is shocked to find out her daughter’s teacher is her high-school sweetheart. Thirteen years and one failed marriage later, she had no interest in rekindling their romance.

Valerie Rivers loves Christmas. Christmas decorations, Christmas candy, Christmas sweaters. If it’s Christmas themed, she has to have it. Leaving her high-school girlfriend, Bridget, to pursue an acting career is one of her biggest regrets. When Ms. Buttermilk, Aria’s mother, turns out to be Bridget, she sees a second chance at everything she walked away from.

Bridget has changed, and it’s up to Valerie (with a little help from Aria) to help her rekindle her love of Christmas. Is 25 days enough to fall in love, find her Christmas spirit, and keep their sanity long enough to make it through the annual Christmas market, or do they need a Christmas miracle?

Jess has been secretly in love with her straight best friend Holly as long as she can remember. After one magical night when they were eighteen, Jess is left heartbroken by Holly. 

Jess runs away to the city and does everything she can to forget Holly. 

Fourteen years have passed since she last saw or spoke to Holly. When everything falls apart with Jess’s life in the city, she finds herself coming home. 

Coming home to her small town. Coming home to her Mom. Coming home to herself. 

Can she find a way to navigate the complex feelings she still has for her straight best friend and find a way to come home to Holly?