28 Feb

Weekly Deals – February 28

Introverted screenwriter Layla has one rule: never hook up with the same woman twice. Relationships? No thanks. The thought of letting anyone get too close to her is terrifying. It’s better to be alone than to get hurt.

But when she sets down in New Zealand for the movie shoot of a lifetime, she takes a chance: an anonymous no-strings-attached hookup with a thrilling older woman.

It’s fine. It’s not like they’re ever going to see each other again.

Except… her one-night stand turns out to be her brand new coworker. They’re forced to work together.

Layla’s rule is there to protect her. But as she gets closer to Kora, the walls around her heart start crumbling.

How can you tell when your shields are the things that you need protecting from?

Faith Rawlings is having a terrible day.

First, she loses a shot at her dream job. Then, she learns she’s the only person who can keep the nephew she never knew existed from foster care when his mother dies.

Navigating life with one arm is hard enough without a grieving child thrown into the mix, but there’s no way Faith is letting an innocent suffer.

She moves to her nephew’s hometown, but learning ASL online to better communicate with him proves fruitless. So, she hires a teacher.

When Faith meets the charming Julia, she dreams of a future she never thought she could have.

But her nephew’s wealthy maternal family could not only ruin Faith’s relationship, but destroy a young boy’s future…