17 Jan

Weekly Deals – January 17

When a heart attack nearly kills her, lawyer Holland Goldmann secludes herself in the country. All she wants is a quiet life. Until a stray dog sets her on a collision course with a beautiful young vet.

Emory Carter is fresh out of vet school and desperate to save her dead father’s veterinary practice. But when she ends up getting sued, it looks like her dreams are shattered.

When ice queen lawyer meets ambitious young vet sparks start to fly. But it’s all so wrong. Holland is too old and broken for this, and Emory is too busy failing at life. And yet the two just can’t keep their hands off each other. Right up until tragedy strikes.

Opposites can attract, but can they build a life together? When lives are quite literally on the line sometimes the only thing you can do is believe in true love. Which might be a problem if you’re a cold-hearted lawyer…

Kate, an elite soldier, is the person her planet calls when they need to eliminate an organization from the inside out. She’s always had an unshakeable drive to execute justice. But when her latest mission sees the experienced soldier tasked with killing her wolf mate’s father, the line between right and wrong becomes unclear.

Maddie’s life has just taken a turn for the worse. After years in the dark, she finds out that her father is the leader of a suicide bomber cell. All she wants to do is stay far away from her father and his men, but then she meets her gorgeous, blue-eyed dragon mate hiding undercover among the cell.

When Kate and Maddie finally get a chance to talk, they find themselves on opposite sides, and compromise is hard to reach where justice is concerned. But they aren’t the only players in this game. And an unlikely party is about to give their enemy a perfect chance to strike…