20 Jan

Weekly Deals – January 20th

Charlie always swore she’d go out with a bang!
But it isn’t her time, at least not in Kal’s eyes. Charlie questions why her Alpha lover, Kal, has resurrected her. Not ready to face what else Charlie has triggered besides new feelings, she tackles a new mission to find her missing crew member, Starr, who is sold into slavery. But, can she save Starr in time? And can she be ready for what changes are coming to Kal, herself, and even the future of Kander?

Having just started her freshman year at college, Natasha Blake has a lot of issues to deal with. She’s kind of a geek, she’s a bit anxious, and… oh, she’s got this feeling that maybe she prefers girls over boys. Learning to accept how she feels isn’t the easiest thing in the world for Natasha.

Enter Hosannah. Bright, funny, pretty, a junior living in Natasha’s dorm. Hosannah is a girl who knows who she is and what she wants. But she’s been burned in the past, and Natasha’s uncertainty isn’t something Hosannah has time for.

Coming-of-age indecision peppered with a dash of anxiety can really throw a girl for a loop. Does Natasha’s answer live just two floors up?