27 Jan

Weekly Deals – January 27th

Tabby adores books, and she’s an amazing editor. But the best thing about her job is Marie. The publicist is kind and supportive, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous, and Tabby is flattered to be able to call her a friend. When the two run into Tabby’s asshole ex, they pretend to be dating as revenge. It’s just a silly game – until he gets hired at their publishing company. Now the friends have to decide if they should quit their game. If they continue, they’ll be playing to win. But what if the prize is more than either of them could imagine?

When I arrived at Prince Eldran’s estate, I had no memory of who I was or how I’d gotten there, but everything was prepared and waiting for me as though I’d been expected. As I struggled to piece together my past, I met Sorcha, whose memories were as fragmented as mine. We quickly became friends and our connection developed into one that I could only describe as magical. During the Prince’s glittering masquerade ball, I realised that I loved her deeply and I wanted to discover what it meant to share my life with her.

Our love blossomed like the beautiful gardens that surrounded the estate, but something dark was brewing in the realm beyond the mansion. The fae had seemed a peaceable people, but there was much I’d forgotten and war has a way of opening your eyes to the truth. When it reached the shores of Prince Eldran’s enchanted island, Sorcha and I were forced to defend our home and fight for our lives.

We’ve faced so much, but malevolent forces threaten to tear us apart and destroy the life we’ve built together. Only through an unimaginable sacrifice can we hope to survive and help our people… but with so much at stake, can we conquer our enemies and ensure a future for our love?