12 Jul

Weekly Deals – July 12

As an editor, Tabby spends her days reading books and making them better. It’s a dream job… and a certain colleague is the cherry on top. Marie is kind and supportive, as well as drop-dead gorgeous, and Tabby’s heart does a little dance whenever she’s around.

Given half a chance, Marie could fall for her smart, witty coworker – but Tabby is straight, so they can only be friends. When the two run into the last jerk Tabby dated, Marie pretends to be her girlfriend as revenge. It’s just a silly game to put the ex in his place… until he gets hired at their company.

Now Tabby and Marie can fess up to the truth – or double down and fake a whole relationship. Choosing to continue could be a dangerous game. But what if the prize could be greater than either of them imagine?

AJ Beckett is just trying to get Parker, her seven-year-old autistic daughter, through life in one piece. As a paramedic, AJ puts others’ needs above her own; in her personal life, she keeps everyone an arm’s length away. That distance disappears when a chance run-in with actor Melanie Cooper leaves her sticky, angry, and fed up.

Melanie Cooper has just signed her last movie. The media keeps portraying her as cold and hard to work with, and Mel has absolutely nothing more to give. As she begins to imagine a new life, a challenging part of her past comes back on the scene, determined to cause problems for Mel.

After a series of coincidental meetings, AJ battles her desire for control while Mel struggles with trust. Despite the challenges and complications, Mel finds herself drawn to the Beckett ladies, and AJ can’t deny their connection, either.

Falling in love has never been so sweet.