07 Jun

Weekly Deals – June 7

For Annabel Taylor, romance is business. As the co-owner of an up-and-coming dating app, love is big money. But business means she’s not willing to indulge in any romantic shenanigans herself.

Indy Chambers has a bucket list, and falling in love before she’s thirty is just waiting to be checked off. But since she’s never had a relationship last more than a date or two, that box doesn’t look like it’s going to be ticked any time soon.

When Annabel’s flawless algorithm matches her with Indy, neither of them is exactly thrilled. But Annabel’s business could depend on making their date a marketing success, and her algorithm could be just what Indy needs to finally find the love she’s been searching for.

Before long, #IndyAnna is trending on social media and the two are inescapably bound together, at least in public. But in private, they know that they’re not the perfect match. They’re too different, they want different things, they live different lives.

Can their differences bring them together? Or is Annabel’s perfectly programmed algorithm less flawless than she thought? As the world watches their every move, Indy and Annabel have to decide what it really is they want. And maybe, just maybe, it’s each other.

When Hearts Align – Sometimes it’s an unforeseen collision… Sometimes it’s a spontaneous surprise and sometimes it does happen when you’re least expecting it.

Samantha fell in love with a woman for the first time and was willing to go with her heart. Kate however, allowed fear to hold the reins and in true Kate-fashion let her feet do the walking. Can they find their way from the wreckage and make a fresh start?

Enjoy the celebrations as Barbara gives Sophia a birthday she’ll never forget. Will Barbara just say it with champagne and flowers or does she have more up her sleeve that will add much more sparkle than a bottle of bubbly?

Connie is convinced that for her it’s a case of never the bridesmaid and never the bride! That is until she meets Morgan. Follow their journey as they navigate their unexpected love through family relationships and separate lives to find common ground.