06 Apr

Weekly Deals – April 6th

The thief with a heart of steel.

The victim with a heart of gold.

It should be a recipe for disaster.

But from the moment scam artist Mac tries to dine and dash from perfect Eleanor’s restaurant, an undeniable connection is forged between the two women.

Mac has scrimped, saved, and scammed her way through life. Eleanor has always been the good girl, the perfect student, girlfriend, and business owner. There’s no reason on earth that they should belong together. Yet somehow, Eleanor ends up offering Mac a job. And that should be that. Until money starts to go missing…

One is perfect: rich, well educated, her life mapped out. One is flawed: broke, street smart, her life in shreds. But together they could build a dream. As long as they can accept that opposites attract.

Emma Beauchamp and Campbell Jordan’s rivalry on the ice was legendary. Retirement should have closed that chapter of their lives, but when Campbell joins the faculty at Stonebridge—the prestigious Berkshires boarding school where Emma now teaches—it takes on a brand new life. There’s plenty of distrust and lingering animosity, but as circumstances force them to find a way to not only coexist, but work together, Emma and Campbell find that being on the same team isn’t as awful as they’d feared. Will their years spent battling it out for team and country be too much to overcome? Or will they finally acknowledge the truth behind the electric connection they share?