09 Mar

Weekly Deals – March 9th

Escort Ruby Scott is used to waking up in the bed of a wealthy woman. What she isn’t expecting is to wake up with a ring on her finger and married to Yvonne Maxwell, one of the executives behind the Mistress Media empire, a woman as alluring as she is cold.

For ten years, Yvonne has been sitting on an inheritance she can’t touch until she’s married. An encounter with an escort in a red dress presents the perfect solution—a marriage of convenience. In exchange for a year playing the role of her wife, Yvonne offers Ruby a life of glamour, decadence, and more money than Ruby ever dreamed of.

Yvonne is adamant that they keep their arrangement strictly business. But as Ruby’s submissive side awakens, Yvonne can’t resist the temptation to make Ruby hers, and Ruby is intoxicated by the commanding woman and the release Yvonne grants her.

As Ruby falls deeper into Yvonne’s seductive world of luxury and power games, both women struggle to keep their hearts from getting caught up in the passion between them. When their inner demons emerge and their fake marriage plot is threatened, Ruby and Yvonne find they have far more to lose than just the inheritance.

The new girl is the epitome of cute.
Shy. Innocent. Blushes every time she looks at me.
I know what she’s thinking. What she wants.
And I know exactly how to give it to her.
…But I won’t.
As my employee, she’s off-limits.
No matter how much I want her, I’m not giving in.
Unfortunately, I know all too well where that road goes.
In fact, I went there just last week.

My ex-girlfriend was a bit of a drama queen.
After our break-up, she went straight to the tabloids.
Which sucked…but do you know what sucks more?
The fact that she was my top author!
Her steamy stories were going to launch my new hot lesbian romance line.
Now she’s with the competition, and my dreams of market domination are fizzling.

Oh hell no. This publishing line is my baby.
There’s no way I’m going to lose.
All I need is a new author.

Turns out new girl’s writing is just about perfect.
In fact, there’s only one problem with her book.
Her s*x scenes suck…because she’s never had it.
All she needs is a good editor to tutor her…

F*ck. We all know where this is going.