25 May

Weekly Deals – May 25th

When up-and-coming journalist Hayley is asked to interview Maya Ross, she’s excited to show the world a new side of the president’s daughter. But when Maya refuses to open up about anything more than the charity she runs, Hayley becomes determined to unearth her secrets. Once she finds out the powerful older woman takes part in the shadowy underworld of lesbian BDSM, she’s dying to write an article. Maya agrees to show her around – on the condition that Hayley submit to her. Despite Hayley’s inexperience, she finds herself unexpectedly intrigued. Could the First Daughter be Hayley’s first kiss, first domme, first everything?

Thomasina Miller knew from a young age she wasn’t like other girls. She didn’t want to be a rancher’s wife, so she makes the harrowing decision to leave all she’s known, risking everything for the chance to choose her own fate in life. Now going by ‘Thomas’ she realizes hiding her identity is a rather small price to pay for the freedom to live her own life and the Klondike Gold Rush is the perfect opportunity to help her fund her endeavor.

Rachel Harkes knew that marrying Roy would be her ticket out of her small town in Kansas. Two years into their marriage and still looking for more adventure, Roy decides they should try their luck and join the Klondike Gold Rush.

When tragedy strikes and Thomas and Rachel are brought together at the top of the world in the unforgiving, arduous search for gold, can Thomas navigate her relationship with Rachel without revealing her secret? Will Rachel reconcile what she’s known with the new, seemingly overwhelming reality she now finds herself in?