03 May

Weekly Deals – May 3

Mel Pine is a newly solo cop patrolling the sinister streets on third shift and looking for a distraction from troubles at home. The job keeps her busy, and a friendly dispatcher keeps her company on the radio each night.

Court Wilson can’t wait to get out of the dispatcher’s office and into a patrol car, but with an overprotective dad who happens to also be the chief of police, that’s not likely to happen any time soon.

When a 911 call comes in about a vehicle on fire—and a body within—Court dispatches Mel to the scene.

Eager to observe some real policework… and meet the woman behind the radio… Court follows along and soon finds herself tangled in a killer’s web. Can the lone wolf come to the overeager rookie’s rescue, or will one of them go radio silent—forever?

Ten years ago, Quinn Smyth’s heart was broken. The love of her life had inexplicably cut her off and left town for good.

Although it took her a while to get over Dallas, Quinn has finally moved on.

Now Dallas is simply a distant memory, a silly childhood crush, a person she never wishes to see again. Until she does.

A decade ago, Dallas Tenison was young and stupid. She made the biggest mistake of her life: she lied to the girl she loved most and left her behind.

Her own heart shattered that day. Since then, Dallas lives with the jarring knowledge of the mistake she never had a chance to apologize for.

When a surprise clause in a will left by Quinn’s grandfather thrusts Dallas back into Quinn’s world, will she have the courage to finally confront her own mistakes?

Will she find the right words to apologize to her first love, who now hates her guts?

And will Quinn be able to resist the growing fire for her past love which was never put out in the first place?

Will these two gorgeous women give first love a second chance?