21 Oct

Weekly Deals – October 21st

Ella Morgan lived a life of privilege. Her father owned half the Steel City, her mother was a world famous set designer, and Ella spent the first quarter of her life just drifting along without a care in the world, never wanting for anything. 

Okay, maybe she wanted something, or more accurately… someone.

Tonya Reed was a widely talked about player, both on and off the football field. Ella didn’t know much about the fiery cornerback except she was notorious for leaving any woman who came near her heartbroken in the dirt. If you asked any of her previous conquests how they felt about Tonya, they’d gladly let her do it all over again.

When Ella’s father offered her the opportunity to manage his women’s football team as a chance to build her resume and dabble in the family business, she knew it would put her in the perfect position to corner that cornerback. Nobody could withstand Ella’s charms, and if that didn’t work, she’d always been able to use her money as plan B.

What she didn’t realize was Tonya didn’t have a price tag. Tonya wasn’t impressed by Ella’s upbringing, and she certainly wasn’t interested in settling down with some immature rich bitch. The only thing Tonya seemed to care about was football and playing the field.

When Gloria’s daughter announces she’s getting married, Gloria couldn’t be happier. Things get more complicated when she realizes the groom’s mother was her best friend back in high school – the first woman who ever made her heart beat faster, as well as her first kiss. Gloria and Bethany reconnect during the engagement, and Gloria begins to wonder if she could have her own fairytale romance. Is it too late for Gloria to find love? Or could the mother of the bride be the star of her own story?