12 Jul

Weekly Deals – July 12

As an editor, Tabby spends her days reading books and making them better. It’s a dream job… and a certain colleague is the cherry on top. Marie is kind and supportive, as well as drop-dead gorgeous, and Tabby’s heart does a little dance whenever she’s around.

Given half a chance, Marie could fall for her smart, witty coworker – but Tabby is straight, so they can only be friends. When the two run into the last jerk Tabby dated, Marie pretends to be her girlfriend as revenge. It’s just a silly game to put the ex in his place… until he gets hired at their company.

Now Tabby and Marie can fess up to the truth – or double down and fake a whole relationship. Choosing to continue could be a dangerous game. But what if the prize could be greater than either of them imagine?

AJ Beckett is just trying to get Parker, her seven-year-old autistic daughter, through life in one piece. As a paramedic, AJ puts others’ needs above her own; in her personal life, she keeps everyone an arm’s length away. That distance disappears when a chance run-in with actor Melanie Cooper leaves her sticky, angry, and fed up.

Melanie Cooper has just signed her last movie. The media keeps portraying her as cold and hard to work with, and Mel has absolutely nothing more to give. As she begins to imagine a new life, a challenging part of her past comes back on the scene, determined to cause problems for Mel.

After a series of coincidental meetings, AJ battles her desire for control while Mel struggles with trust. Despite the challenges and complications, Mel finds herself drawn to the Beckett ladies, and AJ can’t deny their connection, either.

Falling in love has never been so sweet.

05 Jul

Weekly Deals – July 5

Dani Smith has a problem. Scratch that: this fun-loving lesbian has three of them.

First, she wakes up hungover and married in Vegas. Oops. She was only supposed to be in Sin City for a friend’s wedding, but now she’s the one with a shiny gold ring on her finger.

Second, she’s not exactly sure who she married. She may have a ring, but her bride is nowhere in sight.

The third problem is aloof, cold-hearted Mia: Dani’s ex. The last thing that Dani needs is that know-it-all ice queen—even if her first love still makes Dani’s heart race. But if she’s going to track down her mystery bride before she leaves town, she’s going to need some help…

Claire Evans is going places. She’s moving up the ranks as a PR strategist for the rich and famous, and she’s more than happy to put her personal life on the back burner while she focuses on her career. Go figure that the one time she does something impulsive and sleeps with a gorgeous stranger, said stranger walks into her office the next day–as her newest client.

Arianna King is a rockstar with a reputation. The rumors are out of control, and she needs help taking back control of the narrative about who she is and how she lives her life. But she wasn’t banking on a PR strategist like Claire…

Two careers hang in the balance, but the tension between the two women is undeniable. As time goes on, the lines between professional and personal begin to blur…but will they be able to turn their fling into something more? Or are they destined for heartbreak?

07 Jun

Weekly Deals – June 7

For Annabel Taylor, romance is business. As the co-owner of an up-and-coming dating app, love is big money. But business means she’s not willing to indulge in any romantic shenanigans herself.

Indy Chambers has a bucket list, and falling in love before she’s thirty is just waiting to be checked off. But since she’s never had a relationship last more than a date or two, that box doesn’t look like it’s going to be ticked any time soon.

When Annabel’s flawless algorithm matches her with Indy, neither of them is exactly thrilled. But Annabel’s business could depend on making their date a marketing success, and her algorithm could be just what Indy needs to finally find the love she’s been searching for.

Before long, #IndyAnna is trending on social media and the two are inescapably bound together, at least in public. But in private, they know that they’re not the perfect match. They’re too different, they want different things, they live different lives.

Can their differences bring them together? Or is Annabel’s perfectly programmed algorithm less flawless than she thought? As the world watches their every move, Indy and Annabel have to decide what it really is they want. And maybe, just maybe, it’s each other.

When Hearts Align – Sometimes it’s an unforeseen collision… Sometimes it’s a spontaneous surprise and sometimes it does happen when you’re least expecting it.

Samantha fell in love with a woman for the first time and was willing to go with her heart. Kate however, allowed fear to hold the reins and in true Kate-fashion let her feet do the walking. Can they find their way from the wreckage and make a fresh start?

Enjoy the celebrations as Barbara gives Sophia a birthday she’ll never forget. Will Barbara just say it with champagne and flowers or does she have more up her sleeve that will add much more sparkle than a bottle of bubbly?

Connie is convinced that for her it’s a case of never the bridesmaid and never the bride! That is until she meets Morgan. Follow their journey as they navigate their unexpected love through family relationships and separate lives to find common ground.

31 May

Weekly Deals – May 31

As an emergency room doctor, 41-year-old Hadley Moore has spent a decade perfecting the art of shutting down her emotions to focus on saving lives. But when her younger sister and brother-in-law die tragically, the pain of loss is too great to ignore. Reeling from guilt over letting her family take a back seat to her career, Hadley seizes the opportunity to make things right by returning to her hometown to raise the infant son her sister left behind.

At 29, Tyne Briggs knows firsthand how hard it is to grow up without a loving family. After being saved from a hostile foster home as a queer pre-teen, the young artist dotes on her large and boisterous adoptive family. When she loses her brother and sister-in-law in a car accident, her top priority is to make sure her baby nephew has the happy childhood she was denied.


Shared grief and mutual attraction bring the two women together, where they find solace and passion in equal measure. But they are soon at odds when each decides she is the best choice to give baby Owen a permanent home. Without a will to guide them, and with the two aunts unable to reach a compromise, a lengthy custody battle looms.

Cooperation and a common purpose could lead to true love and the creation of a new family together, but not if impulsive decisions and unsavory lawyers tear them apart first.

City girl Mikaiya “Mik” Marcott returns to her hometown to help her ailing grandmother. But who does she see first when she’s barely reached the city limits?

Ariana Mura, the girl whose heart she broke ten years ago.

Only Ari isn’t a “girl” anymore. She’s a grown woman who doesn’t take crud from anyone. The lanky Ariana with a flower crown in her long hair is now the big and tough Ari, Paradise Valley’s strongest EMT and all-around “native gal” the other townsfolk are prepared to defend.

Locking eyes with her serves a grim reminder to Mik that coming home isn’t always a small-town parade.

It reminds them both of the worst night of their lives.

In a small town like Paradise Valley, these two former lovebirds will never avoid one another. Do they make peace with their tumultuous past? Or do they acknowledge the embers of love that still simmer in their heartbroken shells?

Who will stoke the fires first?

24 May

Weekly Deals – May 24

For florist Chloe Campbell, life isn’t all sunshine and roses. Deep in debt and haunted by a past she’s desperate to leave behind, she can barely keep her little flower shop running. So when Mistress Media executive Gabrielle Hall strolls into Chloe’s shop and hires her for her company’s event, Chloe jumps at the opportunity. She’s irrevocably drawn to the tantalizingly beautiful woman.

And when she comes face to face with Dana Obi, Gabrielle’s girlfriend, Chloe is drawn to her too. A world-renowned fashion designer, Dana is just as beautiful, just as elegant, and just as enticing as Gabrielle.

Both women possess one characteristic that makes Chloe weak—they like to take control. They want Chloe. And they’ll do whatever it takes to get her.

Swept into a whirlwind of romance and sensual delights beyond her wildest fantasies, Chloe is unable to resist falling for her two Mistresses. As their relationship deepens, all three women begin to wonder if the love they’ve been searching for is within their grasp, but secrets and past shadows stand in the way. Can Dana and Gabrielle do what it takes to make Chloe theirs for good?

Sloane Smith is the World Number 1 tennis player and at 35 years old she is reaching the latter years of her playing career. When injury strikes, she is determined to make a come back and retire from the sport on her own terms.

She employs a hot butch physical therapist to help her rehab from her injury. The attraction between the two of them is instant, but Sloane is always a professional. She doesn’t date. Tennis means everything to her and coming out would be a disaster? Wouldn’t it?

Can they resist the fierce attraction building between them?

Will Sloane make it back to the top and win another Grand Slam?

What happens if the world finds out she is gay?